Accessing your eScout quarantined mail and settings

To access your eScout mail quarantine, please login to your Webmail at and click on the eScout tab. Once there, you will see options to view and manage your spam quarantine as well as change your mail filtering settings.

Suspected Spam / Suspicious Attachments / Viruses

The first four tabs of the eScout panel hold your suspected delivered messages, spam messages, messages with suspicious file attachments, and known viruses. eScout is a learning filter that improves its accuracy over time, and one way to help train it is by confirming known good mail, known SPAM/Virus messages or rescuing email that has been quarantined incorrectly. When an email is rescued from eScout, it is immediately delivered to your Inbox. When an email is confirmed as SPAM, it is learned and removed from eScout.

Editing White/Black Lists

If you are experiencing repeat problems with known domains or senders, you can add them to your white list to ensure that all messages are promptly delivered to your Inbox. You can add complete email addresses, or partial matches, i.e. The same holds true for adding senders/domains to the black list to ensure that no messages from these sources are delivered to your Inbox.

Accessing and modifying settings

eScout filtering strength is automatically preset to a moderate level. You can, however, adjust the SPAM protection levels to your preferences.

Changing advanced options

You can adjust eScout advanced options to be reminded of your quarantined email, or to receive a periodical digest of eScout's filtering activity.