To prevent receiving doubles of new messages while retaining old emails from your account you will need to disable the account settings (not remove them) after adding in your email address. For instructions scroll down to the bottom of this page

1. Open Windows Live Mail and click on the File menu's down arrow next to the home tab.

2. Click on Options and then select Email Accounts.

3. Click on the Add button.

4. Add your email accounts settings using the information provided by your ISP.

  • Email Address - Enter your email address in the format of
  • Password - As provided by your ISP
  • Display Name - Enter the name you wish others to see in the from field of a message from you

5. Place a check mark next to Manually configure server settings to bring up further settings.

6. Configure the server settings using the information provided by your ISP.

    Incoming Server Information

  • Server Type - Choose your prefered server type. POP3 (default) or IMAP
  • Server Address - For the incoming POP3 server name enter or for IMAP enter
  • Port - Enter 110 (default)
  • Logon User Name - Enter the first part of your email address

    Outgoing Server Information

  • Server Address - For SMTP enter or for IMAP enter
  • Port - 587 (25 is default)
  • Check mark - Requires authentication

7. Click on Next and then Finish.

You are now ready to begin using your new mail account.

Disable Windows Live Mail Send/Receive

1. Sign in to your Windows Live Mail.
2. On your left pane, right-click on your account.
3. On the drop down menu, choose Properties.
4. On General tab, uncheck the check box beside Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing.
5. Click on Apply and OK.